Gleanings from the Global Leadership Summit 2022

Gleanings from the Global Leadership Summit 2022

Gleanings from the Global Leadership Summit 2022

You probably know this is true – everyone wins when a leader gets better!

In our final newsletter in 2021, I asked these questions:

“What if you and I actually trained ourselves more intentionally next year? What if we made it our aim to pursue the prize and went into strict training to achieve it? Do you have a goal to train yourself to be the leader God has called you to be in 2022?”

You have the capacity to influence and impact others! I hope you are leveling up your leadership to serve others and live out your calling. Last Thursday and Friday, I focused on growing myself as a leader at the Global Leadership Summit. I was challenged personally and professionally to embrace a growth mindset. I want to keep getting better! I hope you do too.

If you joined #GLS22 this year – I’d love to hear how you were encouraged and what action steps you are taking as a leader (email me here). If you missed it – I hope you will join us next year! Why don’t you get these dates on your calendar now – August 3-4, 2023?

For more than 20 years, The Global Leadership Summit has inspired and transformed a growing community of established and aspiring leaders worldwide. Each year, participants receive fresh, actionable and inspirational content and leave with a renewed commitment to excellence in leadership. You can bring people together to ignite transformation. Consider offering a micro-site at your church or business next year to train your team, staff, congregation, community or city in leadership development through The Global Leadership Summit.

Here are a few of my takeaways from this year’s summit:

  • Are you praying more publicly than privately?
  • It’s not weakness to get help, it’s wisdom.
  • The essence of great leadership is choosing what not to do.
  • Think of “no” as a badge of honor.
  • Our choices have impact.
  • Great leaders don’t love power, they love people.
  • You only lead to the level you live, not the level you look.
  • Don’t assume all your thoughts are true.
  • You only get to fix mistakes you own.
  • Leaders that cannot be questioned end up doing questionable things.
  • Care about what the people you care about care about.
  • Read less minds. Ask more questions.
  • Everyone you serve wants to know two things:
    • Do you see me?
    • Do I matter?
  • See people for who they are, not who you’ve been programmed to think they are.
  • It’s almost impossible to lead someone you don’t love and understand.
  • You can make a statement or make a difference.
  • Actions speak louder than words, but reactions speak louder than both.
  • We look more like Christian leaders when we are defending someone else’s rights rather than our own.

I love this simple truth from Jon Acuff – You are a leader.

Here’s a cool visual of Jon Acuff’s talk:

I’m working hard to become a better leader. I hope you are too.

Let’s live, love and lead together like Jesus because of Jesus.

Dave DeVries
Executive Director
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This blog post is from the August 9, 2022 Vinia Newsletter. 

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