Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

What is a Strategic Partner?

Definition of PartneringA trusting relationship with agreed upon expectations and the sharing of complementary strengths and resources to reach a mutual goal.

Description of Strategic PartnersMinistries and organizations that are committed to support and strengthen our regional churches and regional pastors are Strategic Partners. Based on our shared vision and mission, Strategic Partners contribute their products, services and financial resources toward kingdom movement.

A Strategic Partner is a ministry or business with whom we enter into an agreement that aims to help both of us accomplish our mission. VINIA has identified strategic partners who are well-established in ministry and capable of coming alongside our family of churches to join in our mission to engage, develop and empower leaders for kingdom movement. Partner relationships require working together to attain mutually agreed upon goals and objectives.

Meet Our Strategic Partners!


GuideStone is committed to helping you move to and through retirement with purpose — from utilizing our faith-based investing options to receiving trusted service, education and personalized advice along the way.

Christian Foundation of America

Christian Foundation of America is a charitable community foundation serving donors with charitable giving funds, legacy and estate charitable planning services, and funds management. We also serve churches and Christian charities with planned giving, endowment and other charitable funds management services.

Interim Pastor Ministries

Interim Pastor Ministries provides temporary pastors to strengthen churches during pastoral transition for greater effectiveness.

Before It Begins

Equipping Leaders to protect and restore the church from pornography before it begins to destroy the ones we love.

Missionary Church Investment Foundation

Spiritually smart financial products exclusively for Missionary Churches and their members.

World Partners

World Partners exists to impact the world for Christ by identifying, equipping, and empowering men and women to launch disciple making movements.

Mennonite Aid Plan and Insurance Services

Protecting the churches and homes of our community since 1922.

Bethel University | BUx

A Christian community of learners dedicated to building lives of commitment and leadership in the world.

Church Coach Ministries

Church Coach Ministries specializes in coaching churches all over the country in four different areas—Assimilation Training, Stewardship Training, Capital Campaigns, and Build-out Design.