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You Are Called to Be

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Do You Struggle With

  • Knowing how to guide your organization through changes and challenges?
  • Feeling unsure and isolated?
  • Not seeing the growth you’d like to see in your organization?

You Deserve to Feel Confident in Your Leadership

Both personally and professionally as you work with a coach to develop a life impact plan.

With Vinia’s network of like-minded leaders as you work together through Vinia’s leadership framework.

As you learn how to navigate change and challenges with the support of your coach.

We Understand

what it’s like to struggle in leadership: trying your best to make a difference while also feeling unsure and isolated.

We firmly believe that you can lead confidently despite the changes and challenges that come your way.

Marci Worthy

“As leaders, we can get lost in the endless list of needs in our church and community. Having a coach is choosing to make yourself a priority so that you can fulfill goals, focus on growth and stay in balance. This allows you to stop living reactively and start living intentionally.”

Michael Katzenberger

“As a seasoned leader I have done a variety of personality and psychological tests. They were interesting and sometimes helpful but most of what I learned was left on paper.

After some reluctance, I joined a Life Impact Group with Vinia and was refreshed by the training, coaching and homework. LIP has encouraged me to follow the Spirit of God through the training, coaching and homework into discovering and fulfilling what God desires for my life and ministry. I believe even the most seasoned leader would benefit from this ministry…I highly recommend it!”

How It Works


Connect With Us

Take advantage of our free introductory call so we can explain the Vinia Framework and help you discern your next steps.


Find Clarity

Work with a coach to develop a Life Impact Plan which will provide a clear vision for the road ahead.


Gain Confidence

As you progress through the Vinia framework with the support of your coach and a like minded group of leaders.

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