Momentum Conference 2024

Momentum Conference 2024

Momentum Conference 2024

Join us at the Vinia Momentum Conference from May 21-23 as we delve into this year’s empowering theme: “Moving on Mission with God.” Whether you’re a pastor, church leader, business leader, or missionary, this event is crafted to ignite your passion, fuel your purpose, and propel you forward. At Momentum, you’ll connect with fellow fruitful leaders from various backgrounds, fostering invaluable relationships and collaborations.


Date: May 21-23
Place: Crossroads Church in Carmarillo, CA
$329/individual + guest

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Rodney Arnold

As the pastor of OneLife Church in Knoxville, TN, and the president of the Missionary Church, Rodney Arnold brings a wealth of experience in pastoral ministry and organizational leadership. You will gain insights into effective church leadership, discipleship, and community engagement.

Cal Chinen

Hailing from Hawaii, Cal Chinen serves as a spiritual father and mentor, leading Transform our World. Through Cal’s focus on holistic transformation and societal impact, you will be inspired and challenged to pursue a mission-driven life that brings positive change to their communities.

Barb Bellefuille

As the president of Bethel University in Indiana, Dr. Barb Bellefuille brings expertise in education, leadership development, and organizational management. You will learn practical strategies for fostering leadership excellence and creating a culture of innovation and growth within their organizations.

Jesse Dueck

Jesse Dueck is a Los Angeles based filmmaker and co-founder of Room1041, the leading creative studio for the world’s biggest YouTubers. Though Jesse’s background in next-generation media and storytelling, you will gain insights into how to share your message online in fresh and inspiring ways.

Ric Escobar

Ric Escobar serves as a missionary at OC International, bringing a global perspective on missions and cross-cultural ministry. You will learn about effective strategies for global outreach, cultural sensitivity, and building sustainable partnerships for mission work.

Paul Kaak

Dr. Paul Kaak is a coach, educator, preacher, trainer, consultant, and founder of TheoMetrics. With Paul’s expertise in leadership development, personal growth, and organizational effectiveness, you will gain practical tools and insights for maximizing their potential and leading with purpose and impact.

Momentum Tracks

Join us for our exclusive Ministry Tracks at the Momentum Conference, designed to provide targeted training, development, and connection opportunities for various ministry roles and leadership positions. Each track offers a unique three-hour session on Wednesday, dedicated to fostering greater connection, equipping attendees with practical tools for momentum, and facilitating meaningful discussions to propel you forward in your ministry journey.

  • Elders and Deacons
  • Lead Pastors (with multiple staff) – English and Spanish tracks
  • Team Leaders
  • Business Leaders
  • Youth Workers
  • Solo Pastors (only paid staff person) – English and Spanish tracks
  • Church Planters – English and Spanish tracks
  • Gladvisors
  • Pastor’s Wives –English and Spanish tracks
  • Worship Leaders
  • Missionaries
  • Admins and XPs
  • Coaches

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with like-minded peers, receive expert training and development, and gain practical strategies for moving forward with momentum in your ministry. Choose your track and join us for a transformative experience at the Momentum Conference!