Momentum Conference 2024

Momentum Conference 2024

Momentum Conference 2024

Join us at the Vinia Momentum Conference from May 21-23 as we delve into this year’s empowering theme: “Moving on Mission with God.” Whether you’re a pastor, church leader, entrepreneur, or missionary, this event is crafted to ignite your passion, fuel your purpose, and propel you forward. At Momentum, you’ll connect with fellow fruitful leaders from various backgrounds, fostering invaluable relationships and collaborations.


Date: May 21-23
Place: Crossroads Church in Camarillo, CA
$329/individual + guest
At the door: $259/individual


Conference Schedule


1:00pm                Registration Opens
3:00pm             Kickoff & Main Session 1 (Barb Bellefeuille)
5:00pm                Dinner Onsite
6:30pm             Main Session 2 (Dave DeVries) & Worship Night
8:30pm                Ice Cream Social


7:30am                Breakfast Onsite & Prayer
9:00am             Worship & Main Session 3 (Jesse Dueck)
10:30am              Break
11:00am           Momentum Tracks
12:00am           Lunch Onsite in Momentum Tracks
2:00pm               Break
2:30pm             Main Session 4 (Rodney Arnold)
3:45pm                Break
4:15pm              Main Session 5 (Paul Kaak)
5:30pm                Dinner Break
7:00pm             Sound of Hope movie screening at Camarillo Regal Theater (Doors open at 6:30pm)


7:30am                 Coffee & Prayer
8:30am               Worship & Main Session 6 (Ric Escobar)
9:45am                 Break
10:15am            Main Session 7 (Cal Chinen)
11:30am            Closing Worship & Communion

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Rodney Arnold

Before being elected president of the Missionary Church last year, Rodney planted and pastored OneLife Church in Knoxville, TN, which went on to plant numerous campuses and church plants throughout East Tennessee and was named one of Outreach Magazine’s top-100 multiplying churches in the US. He holds a master’s degree in evangelism and church planting from Liberty Theological Seminary and lives in Knoxville with his wife, Harrison, and their three children.

Cal Chinen

Cal & Joy Chinen are the Regional Directors of the Pacific Rim Region, MCUSA. They also serve as the CEOs of Transform Our World Hawai’i. They have witnessed God’s incredible work of transformation in churches, communities, and cities of Hawai’i.

Barb Bellefeuille

Barb has been at Bethel University for 12 years, serving the last three years as President. She has worked in Christian Higher Education for a total of 33 years.

Jesse Dueck

Jesse Dueck is a Los Angeles based filmmaker and co-founder of Room1041, the leading creative studio for creators. Jesse has spent 10 years building many of the biggest channels on the internet, generating over 500 million monthly views.

Ric Escobar

Ric started out doing sports evangelism in Latin America, graduated to sharing Christ in heavily influenced Marxist universities in Colombia, and became national director for OC International in Colombia. Eventually, he became Latin American director for OC. Presently, he is training, mentoring, and coaching pastors and organizational leaders.

Paul Kaak

Dr. Paul Kaak is a coach, university educator, preacher, trainer, consultant, and recent founder of TheoMetrics. With Paul’s expertise in missional leadership, intellectual formation, and interdisciplinary learning, you will receive theologically-grounded insights and practical tools for leading with wisdom and impact.

Dr. Dave DeVries

Dave DeVries

Dr. Dave DeVries is a coach, trainer and strategist – executive director of Vinia and founder of Missional Challenge. His training skills have been used to mobilize church planters, pastors and ministry leaders across the country and around the world to advance disciplemaking movements globally.

Momentum Tracks

Join us for our exclusive Ministry Tracks at the Momentum Conference, designed to provide targeted training, development, and connection opportunities for various ministry roles and leadership positions. Each track offers a unique three-hour session on Wednesday, dedicated to fostering greater connection, equipping attendees with practical tools for momentum, and facilitating meaningful discussions to propel you forward in your ministry journey.

Solo Pastors Track: Deepening Your Dependency on God / Finding Encouragement, Support, and Direction

Pastores solitaries: Mentoring and Coaching to make disciples who make disciples.

Church Planters Track: How to become a Church Planting Church – “It might be more accessible than you think.”

Business Leaders, Elders, and Deacons Track: How to trust and follow God when balancing a ministry and a non-ministry life / Increase your Confidence, Clarity and Direction

Team Leaders Track: Explore the Six Types of Working Genius and discover ways to team together like never before.

Coaches Track: Providing clarity and confidence so leaders transform themselves and those around them.

Missionaries Track: The Discipleship of Nations: What did Jesus have in mind when He said He that He would build His Church/Ekklesia?

Pastors’ Wives Track: While it’s a tremendous privilege, the role also brings stress, pressure, loneliness, and often unrealistic expectations. The truth is, it’s more demanding than many of us anticipated. In our time together, we’ll explore how to enhance our impact in this vital role.

Esposas de pastores: Si bien es un tremendo privilegio, el puesto también genera estrés, presión, soledad y, a menudo, expectativas poco realistas. La verdad es que es más exigente de lo que muchos de nosotros anticipábamos. En nuestro tiempo juntos, exploraremos cómo mejorar nuestro impacto en este papel vital.

Youth Workers Track: Follow-up conversation with Jesse Dueck on reaching Gen-Z / Encouragement in building momentum when facing multiple challenges.

Worship Leaders Track: What every worship leader wishes they could ask (tell) their pastor but they are afraid to get fired.

Administrators/Executive Pastors Track: Increase your knowledge, skills, and resources as you creatively navigate the complexities of church administration and leadership.

Stewardship – Discipleship Leaders (GladVisors) Track: The intersection between stewardship, generosity, and discipleship. We’ll explore ways to overcome challenges in fostering stewardship and discipleship and building a culture of generosity.

Lead Pastors Track: Discover how to be all that God has called you to become as the primary voice, visionary, and leader of their board, staff, and congregation.

Pastores principals: Se necesitan cambios importantes de cara al futuro: ¿cómo aprenderemos y nos adaptaremos? ¿Cómo llegaremos a la próxima generación?

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with like-minded peers, receive expert training and development, and gain practical strategies for moving forward with momentum in your ministry. Choose your track and join us for a transformative experience at the Momentum Conference!

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