Windsor Prayer Night

Windsor Prayer Night

Windsor Prayer Night

For months and months, our church body (Commission Church) has been praying for a gathering of believers from around our town of Windsor to pray. We think that it is time for the gospel-preaching, Word of God teaching churches in Windsor to set aside the preferences and denominational differences that separate us and gather in that name that unifies us: the name of Jesus!

And the purpose of this gathering is — in His name, we will cry out for boldness and courage to speak the gospel, and ask the Lord for an inheritance of souls in Windsor and Northern Colorado. Just like the church did in Acts 4, when Peter and John reported to them that the religious powers-that-be told them not to speak of Jesus anymore, the church body prayed to the Lord together for MORE boldness and courage to share His gospel.

We live in a society that is hostile toward Jesus, and left to ourselves, we will remain silent… or worse, we will compromise with society. But like our brothers and sisters did back then, it is time for us to call upon the Lord together, knowing that the power for salvation comes only from Him.

For the past two months, we have been meeting with local church pastors and leaders, including the pastor of a new satellite church in Windsor that has a large facility. We finally put a date down on the calendar to begin a monthly city-wide church prayer gathering…and that date was January 21.

Roughly 50 people showed up for this first gathering and it was amazing! There is nothing quite like believers gathering together to pray for souls. And the fact that at least 5 local churches were represented made it extra sweet.

We are praying and hoping for at least double that number of people and churches at our next gathering, which is scheduled for Tuesday, February 18. We will be working hard to connect with more local pastors and believers in the coming days/weeks, but Jesus will lead this and take it where He wants it to go.

We envision one of these gospel church-wide monthly prayer nights being held in all of the towns in Northern Colorado. We see believers in Windsor, Greeley, Eaton, Johnstown/Milliken, Ft. Collins, Severance, etc. each holding monthly times of crying out for the salvation of souls.

What will God do with such cries? I suspect great things!

~ Pastor Willie O’Burke