Chuckk and Andrea Gerwig

Chuckk and Andrea Gerwig

Chuckk and Andrea Gerwig

Andrea and I are excited about the new and unscripted journey we’re on and glad to trust Jesus (yet again) as we follow him wherever he leads. Over the last 18+ months, I’ve sensed God stirring in me and calling me to listen to him about the future. After enormous amounts of time in prayer / journaling / reflection and counsel it became clear God was calling me to step out of my role as Planter / Lead Pastor at Elevation, the church we planted 12 years ago. In it all, there is a crystal-clear sense God said “it’s time” – even though we don’t know where we’re headed next. The Elders and I chose a short timeline for this transition. The budget at Elevation was unsustainable so I elected to resign my post quickly to keep the church from going bankrupt. The cost of a full-time pastor in the VERY expensive area was too great a burden on this small church at this time. These changes give Elevation a sustainable future! My final day as Lead Pastor was December 31st.

Andrea and I have now embarked on a wild new faith-journey. Heading down this track & into the future there will be two rails. One rail will involve me seeking a new full-time lead pastor role. The other rail will be serving part-time with Global Training Network – training international pastors and leaders to reach their regions for the great King! I plan to be part of training 200+ Majority World leaders in Ethiopia and Cambodia in 2020 as I get started with GTN. The big idea is that I would be able to have an ongoing global impact going forward along with a local pastoral ministry. Pray for us as we seek to raise support for my Global Training Network ministry and as I seek out another lead pastorate. We’re not sure where it’s all going but He knows. He laid the track down!

– Chuckk Gerwig

Prayer requests:

I’m working on ministry partner development / support raising as I get started with Global Training Network in earnest. I’m praying for God to provide long-term, prayer-filled partners and all the financial resources needed for the ministry. I’m also seeking a lead pastoral role and asking for prayer that God would guide that search. For wisdom in managing major life-changes financially (in the interim at least).

If you would like to support Chuckk and Andrea financially, you can do that…


By check: For those who prefer to mail paper checks, the GTN mailing address is: Global Training Network PO Box 6507 Peoria, AZ 85385. Checks need to be made out to Global Training Network, not to me personally. In the memo it’s vital to include my name and ACCOUNT NUMBER #50322 for support to make it to my personal account.