Joining on Mission Together: Disciples + Leaders + Churches

In the broadest sense, the Missionary Church is almost two million people in more than 20,000 congregations in more than 100 countries.  There are more than 500 congregations in the United States.

At our essence, the Missionary Church Western Region is a family of churches united together in our commitment to the mission and message of Jesus. We are committed to making disciples, empowering leaders and starting and strengthening churches.

If you sense that God is leading you and your church family to join together with our family of churches, we’d love to pray with you about this. Let’s imagine what God will do as we take each step in this same direction.

The Application Process and requirements:

  • Contact us to begin the process.
  • Your pastoral leadership must be credentialed through the Western Region.
  • There shall be at least 15 baptized adults (16 years or older) in the fellowship.
  • The fellowship shall be in agreement with the Missionary Church Articles of Faith and Practice.
  • The fellowship shall agree to contribute their share to the on-going ministries of their region and the denomination.
  • The membership shall be a 75% majority vote approve an action to join the Missionary Church.
  • The newly-organized church shall submit an application for member church status to the region.

Getting Started:

  • You can access the Application Form here.
  • Contact Regional Executive Pastor, Mike Somers at 805.523.9085 or [email protected] for more information and to start the process.
  • Procedure for chartering a Missionary Church in the United States and complete details may be found in the Missionary Church Constitution,  Article XVII – Local Church which can be accessed here