WR Virtual Leader Train-Up

WR Virtual Leader Train-Up

Virtual Leader Train-Up

October 30, 9am to 11:30am

It’s time to gather this fall with pastors and leaders across the western region to get connected, grow your capability and gain clarity…
for Kingdom movement.

After you sign up, you’ll receive the Zoom link and additional information.

Our Focus: The Spiritual Life of a Leader

A discussion on the realities of living life as a spiritual leader.

  • How do we follow Jesus and still make everyone happy?
  • Do you feel at times that in order to serve your church you have to make compromises that you don’t feel comfortable making?

We will discuss these realities and how to navigate them.

A few things to know in case you haven’t signed up yet…

  • This event is for all leaders in your church – pastors, elders, volunteers, staff, teachers, group leaders – every single leader will get connected, gain clarity and grow in confidence as a leader.
  • This event is absolutely FREE. There is no cost to anyone to attend.
  • Every fall we’ve hosted a breakfast for our pastors and credentialed ministers. We wish we could meet in person with good food again this year. We recommend meeting together with your staff team at 8am for coffee/breakfast and joining the Virtual Leader Train-up at 9am. (If you email/text Dave DeVries your receipt – he’ll reimburse your cup of coffee.)
  • We are offering this Train-Up in Spanish on October 24 and in English on October 30.

Now is a marvelous time to sign-up – here’s the link for Oct 24 (Spanish) and here’s the link for Oct 30 (English).