WR Newsletter (3/23/2021)

WR Newsletter (3/23/2021)

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Humble Inquiry

Reflections from our Regional Executive Director…

Recently I have been reading the book Humble Inquiry by Edgar Schein. It focuses on the gentle art of asking instead of telling. He defines “humble inquiry” as follows: “the fine art of drawing someone out, of asking questions to which you do not already know the answer, of building a relationship based on curiosity and interest in the other person.”

As you know, what we ask, how we ask, where we ask it and when we ask it…all matter. Humble inquiry goes beyond just asking questions; it includes an attitude of interest and curiosity which fosters deeper relationship and open communication. It also requires that one be vulnerable and helpful to another person.

We live in a culture of Tell. Yet telling often puts the other person down and implies that they do not know what I am telling them, but they ought to. When you want to build a relationship and improve communication, telling is more risky than asking.

As we engage, develop and empower leaders, asking implies that the other person knows something that I need to know or want to know. It draws the person into the conversation and opens a door for relationship as I learn something. When you ask questions, you convey to the other person, “I am prepared to listen to you and learn from you. I am making myself vulnerable to you.”

Trust builds when we ask questions and then show interest in and pay attention to what we are being told. Conversations that build trust are crucial in an environment that develops and empowers leaders.

If you are realizing that you rely too much on telling and have room to grow in your ability to ask questions – consider working with one of our WR Coaches. You will experience the power of humble inquiry firsthand and discover how to be more curious and vulnerable in your conversations with leaders.

For Kingdom movement,

Dave DeVries
Executive Director
Missionary Church Western Region
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Coming Up…

Get ready for the Leaders Gathering coming up soon! We’ve moved this event from the fall to the spring. This year it will be held on May 25 at Living Oaks Church. More info coming soon!

Our Annual Regional Conference will be held on October 18-20 this year. Put it on your calendar now! This year’s them is Together! Registration information will be coming soon. Our Conference Planning Team is creating an event that celebrates being Together!

Job Openings

Are you looking for a new ministry position or know of someone who is? Check out the job opportunities available in Western Region churches.

Pastor Toby Lazo’s Trip to Ecuador

“This is my fifth trip to Ecuador and perhaps one of the most productive missionary trips thus far since I started traveling to Latin America in 2010.”

Read the full report here

Train Up 4 is on Thursday!

Being the Church Post-COVID Session 4 – March 25 @ 1pm

What, Why and How is a Church Phygital: A Primer on Leveraging Digital for Physical Church

The advent of 5G internet has implications for the church, just as it does for the family, marketplace and every sector of society. How can the church leverage technology in order to be faithful to our calling to go and make disciples? In this unpretentious overview of opportunities we’ll hear from experienced practitioners who are pioneering new practices, going beyond reach to facilitate genuine engagement. In an era where content is ubiquitous, community and connection are craved. How can the church continue to lead in these critical areas, embodying the gospel in a disembodied context, seeing real personal and communal gospel transformation?

This session is about more than “going online” to survive COVID, it’s about thriving and multiplying beyond. Participants will gain actionable insights for churches of all sizes and technical capabilities – tech wizards not required.

CFA Webinars

Your Legacy – Estate Planning and Charitable Giving

What Legacy will you leave? Join us for this information packed presentation that highlights the importance of getting important documents like a Will, Power of Attorney, Health Directive and Living Trust in place. Our mission is to help families to make a positive impact, by including gifts to charity. After all, our families will inherit the communities we leave behind too! Learn what’s possible, and with planning, EVERYONE can leave a meaningful Legacy for family heirs, and Bless our communities as well. Hear interesting stories about donor gifts that increased impact with tax smart ideas, gifts that increase family income, and provide security during retirement. What you learn today, you can implement in the future when it makes the most sense for YOU!!

Free Webinar | Tuesday, April 6 @ 10:30am
Click here to register

Family Finances Webinar

Even in times of uncertainty, there are Principles that can guide decisions we make regarding our Family Finances, and work over time. Join us to discover proven principles! Indeed these principles are found in Biblical references over and over again- over 3,000 passages to be exact! Today’s finest financial advisors all agree, and we’re excited to bring them to you in this 1 hour webinar! Relax with your family, share this link and let’s adopt these Principles for Life!

Free Webinar | Tuesday, April 6 @ 1pm
Click here to register

TUG Groups

Do you feel that you would like more support in your role from others who are involved in the same things? That’s what TUG Groups provide. Learn more and sign up for one today.

Who is Coaching You?

We all need a coach. Sometimes another person is able to ask the questions we haven’t thought of and point us in the right direction. Connect with a coach today!

If you are an MCWR Credentialed Pastor, check out this SPECIAL COACHING OFFER.

Upcoming Events

  • March 25 – Train-up 4: What, Why and How is a Church Phygital: A Primer on Leveraging Digital for Physical Church – Sign up
  • April 5 – CLI New Testament Survey starts – Sign Up
  • May 13 – Annual Business Meeting | 9am
  • May 25 – Spring Leaders Gathering | 9am – 3pm
  • July 12-14 – Shift National Conference – Learn more
  • August 5-6 – Global Leadership Summit – Learn more
  • October 18-20 – Annual Conference