Highlights from Pastor Kevin Moore


“Leadership is influence. The most important person you need to influence is yourself. If I can’t influence myself, it’s hard to have influence with others.”

“If you are ever going to influence yourself, you have to answer these Big Three Questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Why am I here?
  3. Where am I going?”

“To lead yourself, you have to make up your mind on what you really want!”

“If you know what you want, if you see the goal in front of you – you will follow yourself there!”

“Define and run in your life lanes.”

“Everything that is living has an in-and-out rhythm. Every human body breathes in and breathes out. It is not good when you breathe out and breathe out and breathe out…You need to breathe in. What is that thing/s that brings breath into you – that fills up your lungs – and fills your heart?”

“Stop saying to yourself, ‘I’m going to, but now is not a good time.’”


“My kids are looking for a model. This is my greatest calling in my life – to show them how.”

“Your kids aren’t looking for home runs – they are looking for consistent moments.”

“Establish the boundary lines. Tell them what’s acceptable. Don’t move the fence.”


“Be a leader worth following. Be the team leader you want your team members to be.”

“DNA trickles down. Whatever I expect my team to do, that’s what I must do.”

“You need to be growing and going somewhere.”

“You teach what you know and reproduce who you are.”

“5 things you don’t need from your team:

  1. Poorly tuned ears
  2. Lack of caring
  3. Backbiting/Gossip
  4. Small thinking
  5. Pettiness”

“Four characteristics you desperately need in your inner circle: honesty, humility, hunger, hard work.”


“Two things you as the leader of your organization need to do and make sure are done: 1. Focus on people 2. Create a leadership pipeline.”

“Remember the goose that lays a golden egg. Take care of the goose. Don’t focus on the eggs. You have a goose that lays golden eggs and that goose is your team members – your people.”

“Not everyone is going to be happy with what you are doing.”

“It might as well be me! Someone is going to be happily married …. it might as well be me. Someone is going to make that sale … it might as well be me. Someone is going to turn that idea into a profit … it might as well be me. Someone is going to write that book … it might as well be me. Someone is going to make a difference … it might as well be me. Someone is going to scale their company … it might as well be me.”

“Spend your time on the four M’s:

  • Mission: Where are we going?
  • Message: What and how are we communicating?
  • Mentor: Who are we raising up?
  • Money: How are we paying for this?”

“Find your one thing.”